The College Union shall remain the sole form of student�s opinion inside Subhadra Mahalah Mahavidyalaya, Asureswar. Its functions are:

a) To organise discussion on the general, cultural academic, national and international problems.

b) To organise debates.

c) To invite eminent persons to address the union.

(d) To celebrate the Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and similar occassion in consultation with the Principal and

(e) To take up such other activities as are proposed by the Union and approved by the Principal.

2. Membership of the Union :

Every student of the college is a member of the Union. No. one whose name is not in the rolls of the college can be a member of the Union.

3. The meeting of the Union shall be opened to all the members of the teaching staff who, if they so desire can take part in the proceeding of meetings.
4. The Executive Committee:

There shall be an executive committee of the college union consisting of the following.

a) The President
b)The Vice President
c) The General Secretary
d) The Asst. Secretary
e) Student members (one from each class)

5. Function of the Executive Committee:

a) The function of the Executive Committee shall be

i)  To draw up the programme of the union activities of the session.
ii) To adopt the Union Budget for the session a minimum of 10% (ten percent) shall be kept deducted for the reserve fund of the college.
iii)  To undertake such other activities as are consistent with the objectives of the union in accordance with the provision of the constitution.

b)  i)  An ordinary meeting of the executive committee may be called by the General Secretary in consultation with Advisor. Prior notice must be given to that effect. The date, time place of the meeting and agenda shall be fixed by the General Secretary in consultation with the President, Vice-President and Assistant Secretary.
ii) An extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee can be convened at any time by the Principal.
iii) A meeting of the Executive Committee shall be presided overby the President in his absence of the Vice - President or in the absence of both, by any members of committee elected by the meeting such election being conducted by the advisor.
iv) No meeting of the Executive Committee can be conducted without the advisor or associate advisor.

The Advisor :

a) There shall be an advisor appointed by the Principal from among the members of the teaching staff.
b) The advisor shall be present in all the meeting of the union. He will assist by helpful suggestions whenever necessary, in the proper conduct of the meeting.
c)  The advisor may at any time during a meeting on the request of the President explain the scope and effect of a motion or amendment.

The President :

a) Only final year (part-III) degree students are eligible to stand for the President ship.
b) The President shall preside over all the meetings of the union at which he is present except extraordinary meetings convened by the Principal shall be on the chair;
c) The President shall be responsible for meeting order and interpreting rules. His ruling shall be final subject to the approval of the advisor. The ruling of the advisor shall be final.

The Vice-President:

a) Only degree students other than +3 Part-III are eligible to stand for Vice - President.
b) In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall assume all the rights of the President and discharge all his duties. Except this is in other cases he is one among all other office bearers of the College Union.

The Secretary:

a) Only final year (part-III) degree students are eligible to stand for the Secretary ship of the union.
b) Secretary shall arrange debates, give notice of all or ordinary meetings and record the minutes of all the meetings whether annual, ordinary and extraordinary.
c) The Secretary shall select the subject for discussion in consultation with the President and advisor.
d)   He shall perform such other executive functions as is given from time to time by the President as well as by the advisor.
e) The Secretary shall maintain a proper record of all activities of the union, accounts and expenditures incurred for the union. No expenditure shall be incurred without the approval of the advisor who shall countersign all vouchers. Requisition for expenditure should be countersigned by the advisor to get if sanctioned by the Principal.

The Asst. Secretary:

Only Part-I & II degree students can stand for Asst.Secretaryship. The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in due discharge of the functions and in the absence of the Secretary he shall assume all the right of the Secretary and discharge all the duties of the Secretary.

Annual Election :-

a) Once in the beginning of each session on each date as the Principal may appoint, not latter than the month of September / October election shall be held for the different offices of the college union provided that normal conditions prevail.
b) Nomination to such elections duly seconded shall reach the Principal in writing three clear days before the date of election.
c) (i) Every member of the Union will have the right to vote in every election.
ii) No member shall give more than one for each office to be filled.
d) Election shall be conducted and votes recorded & attested in such manner as the Principal shall determine.
e) i) The candidate obtaining the largest number of votes shall be declared elected.
ii). In case of an equality of votes between two or more candidates the election success of the candidates shall be determined by lot.
f) The office bearers of the College Union shall assume office after they take an oath in the following form I having been selected as of the Subhadra Mahatab Mahavidyalaya Asureswar College Union do hereby solemnly affirm that I shall discharge my duties earnestly and sincerely in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.
g). I further affirm that my activities shall by no means be detrimental to the interest and welfare of the institution. The oath shall be administered by the Principal or his nominee on such a date and in such a manner as he may think.
h)The office bearrers shall hold office till the end of the year and relieved in the next Annual meeting unless they:
I).Cease to be members of the College Union.
ii) Voluntarily resign in Writing addressed to the Principal.
i) If the President and the Secretary vacant their officers then the Vice-President and Assistant Secretary shall succeed them, respectively as the Acting President and Acting Secretary.
j) The Principal or his nominee shall preside over the Annual Meeting.

Ordinary Meeting :

Ordinary meeting shall be arranged by the Secretary in consultation with the President.

The Secretary shall cause notice to be issued two days before each ordinary meeting containing
(i) date of the meeting
(ii) Place of meeting
(iii) Subject for debate and
(iv) name of the first four speakers in order.

Extra Ordinary Meeting :

An extra ordinary meeting of the Union may be convened.

a) At the Principal's discretion.
b) On the request of the President to the Principle. The Principal or any person nominated by him shall preside over any extra ordinary meeting when this is deemed necessary by the Principal.

Amendment to Rules :

a) Amendment to any of these rules shall be considered in the Annual Meeting of the Union.
b) No amendment will be in order which is not duly seconded and of which a weeks clear notice has not bet� received.
c) An amendment before it becomes effective must be passed by a majority of 2/3 of the next session, that is if an amendment is passed in 1994-95 it will be given effect to in 1995-96.
2. The Principal shall be the final authority in all in all matters relating to the Union.


1. The candidate contesting for certain office of the Union or otherSociety may appeal to the Principal in writing for recheck of counting for a particular booth before the counting result sheet. for the booth is handed over to the Principal or his nominated office.
2. All cases of dispute in the election shall be referred to the Principal who is the final authority in all matters relating to the election.
3. The full detailed statement of expenditure of the previous session must be presented at the Annual meeting called for the purpose of handing over and taking overcharge.

Day Scholar's Association :

1. The name of the Association shall be the Day Scholars Association of the Subhadra Mahatab Mahavidyalaya, Asureswar.
2. The object of the Association is to take up such activities as will foster a spirit of fellowship and co-operation among all the Day Scholars of the college.
3. All the Day Scholars of the college will be members of the Association by paying Rs. 12/- (Rupees Twelve only) annually. The payment shall be compulsory and be made alongwith the college dues every year.
4. The Vice-President of the Day Scholars Association will be nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff.
5. The 2nd year +2 and 3rd year +3 degree Day Scholars can contest for the post Secretary and 1st year +2 and 1st year +3 & 2nd year +3 degree day scholars can contest for the post of Asst. Secretary.
6. There shall be an Executive Committee of the Association consisting of:
a) Principal as Ex-officio-President
b) Vice - President
d) Secretary
d) Asst. Secretary
7. The Principal may at his discretion nominate one or two student members to the Executive Committee to make up any deficiency in representation.
8. The funds of the Association shall be under the control of the Principal. All expenditure incurred by the Association shall be subject to his approval.
9. All activities of the Association shall be subject to the authority of the Principal whose dicision shall be final.
10. Any alteration or amendment to those rules must be passed by 2/3rd majority of the members of the Association. Such alteration or amendment is subject to the approval of the Principal and will come into force from the beginning of the next Session.
11. The Principal himself can also amend or alter any of the rules above if he deems it necessary in the interest of the college.
12. The Secretary shall maintain a register & record all activities and maintain proper account of expenditure for the association countersigned by the Vice-President and Principal and the register should be handed over to the office before the end of the sesc) To invite eminent persons to address the union.sion.

Dramatic Society :

1.There shall be a Dramatic Society for the college called the Subhadra Mahatab Mahavidyalay Dramatic Society
2. All the students of the college are entitled to be members of the Society.
3. Every students of the College shall pay to the society�s accountants in the college office a subscription as determined from time to time per years at the time that he pays his first installment of college fees for the session.
4.The Principal of the college shall be the Ex -officio President of the Dramatic Society.
5. The affairs of the society shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the following members.
a) President - Principal (Ex-officio)
b) Vice-President - One of the members of the teaching
c) staff to be nominated by the Principal.
d) The Principal, if deems it necessary may nominate three other members of the teaching staff other than the VicePresident to assist him in due discharge of the functions of the Vice-President of the Dramatic Society.
e) A Secretary from among the Part-III degree students and Asst. Secretary from among Part-II and Part-I of degree students to be elected by all students of the college.
6. Election of the Executive Committee shall be held every year on a date fixed by the Principal.
7. After the elections are over, there shall be meeting of all the members of the dramatic society. In this meeting the account of the previous year shall be received from the outgoing Secretary and the newly elected office bearers shall assume office.
8. The Executive Committee of Management shall perform the following duties.
a. Prepare budget for the year. A minimum of 25% shall be kept deducted from the total budget for the reserve fund of the college.
b. To recommend to the President the name of the play to be staged and dates of dramatic performance.
c. To have the expenditure in connection with the dramatic society audited.
d. To meet from time to time and to decide all other matters connected with the society.
9. All decisions taken shall be subject to approval of the Principal.
10. Either the Secretary or Asst. Secretary or both may be removed from office if they fail to discharge their duties properly.
a. By the Principal or by a vote of no confidence passed by not less than 2/3rd of members of the Executive Committee specially called for the purpose.
b. The quorum for an ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee will be 1/3rd of the total members of the Executive Committee.
11. The Principal reserves the right to alter or abrogate the rules mentioned above. If a member wants to alter or amend any of the rules, the alteration or amendment must be passed by not less than 3/4 members of the Executive Committee in a meeting specially called for the purpose.
12. Such alteration or amendment is subject to the approval of the Principal.
13. The Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the Society.
The Athletic Council :
1. The Athletic Council shall be called Subhadra Mahatab Mahavidyalaya Athletic Councils.
2. The Executive Committee of the Athletic Council shall consist of:
a) The President as Ex -offico President
b) b)Vice-President nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff.
c) The Physical Education Teacher.
d) The Secretary to be elected by the students.
e) Captains of foot ball, cricket and volley ball and such other organised out door games as exist in the college.

Work of the Vice - President:

He will be in-charge of correspondence. He will review the accounts of the year and see the ordering of the sports goods done by the office.
Work of the Secretary:
1. He will be the convener of all the general & sub-committee meetings.
2. He will prepare the Annual Report. 3. He will conduct all correspondence assigned to him by the Vice-President.
3. He will organise the college game with the assistance of the captains and vice-captains.
Work of the Captain :
1. They will select player for friendly or competitive matches and with the Secretary they will be responsible for the organisation of the college games.
2. Neither the Secretary nor the Captains should arrange any match unless he has first obtained the approval of the VicePresident.

Election Rules:-

1. The Secretary shall be elected at the beginning of each session in the manner as may be determined by the Principal.
2.The Athletic Council will elect Captains and Vice-Captains necessary from themselves for foot ball, cricket, volley ball and such other organised out-door games. Only playing members shall be eligible to be elected as Captains or Vice Captains.
3. The Secretary shall be elected by all the students.
4. The Athletic Council will elect representatives, Captains, Vice Captains or Secretary in case there are vacancies owing to one or more of them leaving the college during a session.

Tenurre of Office :

1.The tenure of all the elected representatives shall be for one session only.
2. The Vice-President and the Secretary in the previous session shall carry on the work of the following session till fresh elections take place.
3. If the Secretary elected ill the previous session does not join the college in the following session, the Vice-President may carry on the work of the Secretary or the President may nominate a Secretary till the elections are held.
4. If the captain absents himself from the field continuously for 15 days without sufficient reason, he will ipsofacto cease to be a captain.
5. There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Council, the date of which will be fixed by the Principal. At this meeting the Secretary will read his Annual Report and a statement accounts for the academic year. Amendments to the rules of the club will be considered at the meeting. Resolution of amendment will be forwarded to the Principal for his consideration.

Work of the Council:-

1. To consider the budget prepared by a sub-committee consisting of the Vice-President the members of the staff in charge of different games. P.E.T Secretary and the captains. The Vice-President of the previous year may be invited to attend. A minimum of 25% shall be kept deducted from the total budget for reserve fund of the college.
2. Promotion of games and athletic activities among the students.
3. General management of the club.
Limitation of the power of the Council :
The Principal can veto any resulation passed by the club. He can make a new rule or amend any existing rule.

The work of the P.E.T. :

1. To copy all the invoice in the stock book.
2. To keep an account of sports goods.
3. To look after the play-grounds.
4. To look after the programme of Physical Education and Gymnasium.
5. To do such other work in connection with sports and games as the Vice-President assigns to him.