1. Students should come to college with their identity cards, produce the same for any verification at the entrance of the gate or inside the campus as and when required.

2. A student of the college must lead a disciplined life and also abide by such hygienic principles and submit him self/herself to such anti epidemic measures as would be laid down by the principal.

3. A student must come to the college with uniform dress as prescribed by the college authority.

4. He she must not use any obscene, indecent or foul language. A student must behave decently while in side the college premises.

5. No student shall loiter in the college verandah, whistle or shout or cause any noise or disturbance distracting the attention of the lecturer and I or students attending lectures.

6. Disfiguring the walls, desks black-boards or notice boards by bricks or writing by any other means is prohibited.

7. Students must refrain from producing any sound or making any gesture or representation leading to the distraction or attention of the students and lecturers inside the class room.

8.  Misbehavior of a student in the class room or any function is liable to punishment with a fine or expulsion.

9.  Misbehavior and coercive action of students with the teaching staff or any of the employee of the college, officers of the University or members of the University Bodies or members of the management will be treated as an act of indiscipline.

10. Students should take their seats before the lecturers enter the class and must not ordinarily leave their seats so long as a class continues. No student is allowed to interrupt the course of lecture in the general class.

11. A student should behave in the classroom in a disciplined manner and be attentive to the lecturer.

12. Students should not assemble in front of the classroom or, mark noise in the vicinity of the classroom where class is in progress.

13. Sitting in the common room, reading room or loitering in the campus without attending classes will be viewed seriously by the authority.

14. Students are advised to meet the Principal individually or in group after obtaining due permission. They should not ordinarily enter the office or staff common room.

15. No dub or society should be started or maintained in the college and no function should be organised with out the approval of the Principal.

16. A student may be allowed entry in to the class if he/she arrives 5 minutes late, in case of late arrival he should seek permission from the concerned lecturer to enter the class room.

17. A student may leave the class with permission during the course of a lecture if he/she does not feel well physically.

18. Every student is required to extend his/her active cooperation in bringing success to the college. Any attempt on the part of a student to mar the decency and decorum of the function will be considered as an act of gross indiscipline.

19. Student cannot claim exemption from the payment of default fine or re-admission fees as a matter of right. Such exemption rests solely on the discretion of the Principal.

20. All office order, decision and instruction are given on the college notice boards placed at different points in the college premises. Every student should go through the notice board for obtaining necessary information. Ignorance due to negligence will not be accepted as an excuse.

21. No Student is allowed to affix private notice on the college notice board or any other place without the permission of the Principal.

22. In case of any damage to the college property, the cost of damage along with the fine will be rea1ised form the concerned student or group of students.

23. Students are required to keep their bicycles with proper lock in the cycle shed provided for the purpose, Bicycle, however should under no circumstances be kept under the portico or on the varandah.

24. The Principal, the proctor may meet the guardians and discuss with them about the welfare and progress of their wards. The guardians are cordially invited to meet the Principal and the staff concerned whenever they desire.

25. Every student must register his/her address in the college office. Any subsequent change in his/her address must be intimated to the office in writing immediately.

26. A letter box has been placed in the college campus. Students may take this opportunity for dispatch of their letters.

N.H.: All the above rules are subject to subsequent changes by the Principal as and when he thinks that such changes are necessary for better academic administration of the college and maintenance of students discipline.