The Subhadra Mahtab Mahavidyalaya, has assumed upon itself the goal of delivering value based standard higher education, where it is needed most i.e. in the village area.Our crest, therefore synthesizes the tradition with modernity. It is composed of symbolic mythological motifs implying our stated mission and goal.

THE SUN: holds out infinite new hopes of progress, prosperity and better life before the up-coming generations. The sun is an epitome of endless energy, indiscriminately nourishing life in the universe. It enlightens, awakens the human mind while dispelling dark forces of ignorance. It heralds the age old hymn "Tamaso�-Ma- Jotirgamaya".

THE VEENA : symbolises ecstatic and artistic beauty in human creativity. The beloved musical instrument of Goddess of learning, art, wisdom and letters. SARASWATI evokes melodious ragas with seven strings that bestows supernatural bliss to elevate human spirit to metaphysical heights, the seven diverse sound notations represent the various rasas to help unify the moods into .the cohesive mental energy.

THE OPEN BOOK: is intended to lure and entice human inquisitiveness to access the world of knowledge and wisdom. The book as the treasure house of information helps the young learners to uncover the unknown mysteries of nature. Book is a well known companion, a philosopher and real guide to offer solace to the uneasy mind.

THE EARS OF CORN: It refers to fruition of human ambition The evolution of civilization and the stages in our journey down the history has been amply rewarded by the humble farming community and their untiring sacrifice to feed the nation.

THE WHEEL OF KONARK: The wheel depicts the ceaseless moving forward of society along its journey. It also emphasizes the all-round social progress. It reminds us up of the matchless architectural and sculptural architectural spendour, and the skill employed by artisans in building the exquisitely unparalleled monument like the sun temple of Konark in the eastern coast of Orissa.