The Ex-students of this institution felt the necessity of forming an association in 2004 to achieve the following objectives. The General Body Meeting of the association resolved as follows:

1. The Association shall be called The S.M. College Alumni Association.

2. The objectives of the association shall be :

(a) To provide opportunities for social intercourse and to promote friendly relation between the alumni and the present students and members of the staff of S.M. College and

(b) To enable the old boys of S.M. College to take an active interest in the welfare of their alma mater as a centre of excellence in learning and in the educational and cultural development of the State of Orissa.


(a) All the pass-out students of S.M. College, all its past and present teachers and all past and present member s of its Governing Body shall be eligible for the membership of the Association on the recommendation of the Executive Committee.

(b) The membership fee is fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time

3. The Executive Committee shall comprise the following.

(i) The President

(ii) One Secretary

(iii) One Treasurer